Calliope is the official publication of the Writers' Special Interest Group (SIG) of American Mensa, Ltd. It is published four times a year with a circulation that spans six countries and nearly every state in the USA. Calliope on the Web is an online extension of printed Calliope.
    Calliope is essentially a writer’s workshop by mail, providing a forum where writers can exchange ideas, learn more about their craft, and see their work in print and online. New writers are always welcome. Membership in Mensa is not required to subscribe or to submit works for publication. Material published in Calliope is the work of the authors and does not represent the opinions of Mensa or the SIG which have no opinions.
    All letters received by the editors are considered for publication unless otherwise requested. All material is ©2011, CalliopeCalliope uses one time rights. All other rights belong to the authors. Requests for reprints will be forwarded to the authors. If you are interested in your health, check out The Pure Life Cleanse which is a great detox and weight loss product.
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